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Balance Your Yoga Asana to Strike the Right Work-Life Balance

Finding a perfect balance between work and life is when you can keep your professional life away from your personal life and vice versa. But in this fast-paced lifestyle, it becomes difficult to spare time to outline a distinction between both. A constant hustle to achieve great things at work, many a time, eats away a large portion of our personal life. And in the times of corona, the work-from-home regime has further diminished the already-blurred distinction between work and personal life. Well, striking a perfect work-life balance is a challenging task in itself, but it is crucial for one’s overall well-being.

A right work-life balance helps has quite a few positive impacts. Striking a perfect work-life balance leads to:

lowered stress level

increased productivity

happier life

While a great work-culture can help to a great extent, not everyone gets the privilege of having one. Interestingly, yoga is considered a great way to balance work and life. Yoga is much more than just physical movement; it has a lot to do with the way your mind functions as well.

The more you balance your yoga asana, the more you balance your life.

Trying to stay still by considering just one aspect of life, whether it is professional or personal, is as hard as trying to stand straight with all of your body weight on just one leg. Practicing yoga will not only help you balance your postures, but it can also help you balance both aspects of your life.

To some people, taking out time from their busy schedule seems hard, and that’s why they procrastinate the idea of including yoga in their ever-running lifestyle. However, if you’re determined enough to strike the right balance between work and life, sparing mere 20-25 minutes should not be a big deal.

Any yoga asana consists of three elements: posture, breathing, and meditation or concentration. When you try to perform an asana, your focus shifts on these three elements and this allows you to focus on three of them simultaneously, which enhances your ability to focus, lets you control your emotions and impulse, and make you self-aware. As you achieve equilibrium between three of them, you can perfectly balance the pose.

Some tips for Balancing Yoga Asana

If you’re finding it hard to balance a yoga asana, here are a few tips to hold even the trickiest yoga asana in just one go!

  • Take a deep and long breath before posing for the asana and keep your body relaxed.

  • Focus your eyes on a specific spot. Our body uses vision as an anchor, which helps in maintaining balance with the rest of the world.

  • Concentrate on the muscle that takes the most of the pressure while performing the asana. Feel the adjustments that your muscles do to maintain the pose and keep your mind focused on it.

  • Keep your mind relaxed and try not to put too much pressure to achieve the stance. The harder you try, the harder it gets.

Well, if you look closely, only making up your mind to include yoga in your schedule can make your personal goals clearer in your head, which makes room for increased productivity. And when you practice yoga daily, you will see your body and mind slowly align together. Through this alignment, your mind becomes more functional, and the boundary between professional and personal life becomes much clearer. So, the more you balance yoga asana, the more you can balance your work and life.


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