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Hi, I am Nikita Arya!

I hail from Delhi, India, and I am passionate about sharing thoughts and information on everything that makes my life

better. Having completed my graduation in Multimedia and

Mass Communication from Delhi University in 2018, I started

with my professional journey in writing soon after. Since then,

I have explored many niches including spirituality, wellness, business writing, and agriculture journalism. I am open to exploring other niches as well that inspire me to seek great experiences.  


During the course of my life, I have dreamed of achieving certain things, and even managed to achieve some of them. Although life has thrown a variety of lemons at me, somehow I have always tried to make some tasty lemonades out of them. I appreciate those lemons because what’s life without some sour experiences! I strongly believe that the experiences I have gained while pursuing life is worth sharing with people around me, and this is why I came up with this blog. So here I am, sharing my thoughts and experiences with you so that together we could make a difference in each other’s lives. 

Through this blog, I can help you by:

  • Sharing Some Life Lessons that I’ve learned 

  • Solving Your Relationship queries 

  • Providing Great Tips for Your Wellness (physical, mental,          emotional, and spiritual)

  • Having deep conversations with you about life 

  • Being a great listener to you! (Connect with me here)

  • And much more! (Stay tuned for more)

I’ll be delighted if my writings could create even a teensy bit of difference in your life! Let me know how you like my writings by giving them as many hearts as you can!

If you find my blog posts helpful, share them with your loved ones, and do not forget to leave a comment! 

Want to Collaborate with Me?


Shoot me a mail at

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