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3 Major Reasons Why Your Relationship is Failing You

Being in a relationship is beautiful – two people coming together, dreaming of sharing the rest of their lives, strung together with the string of love. You experience immense happiness and pleasure around someone you love, and it feels so good. In the generation of finding love over tinder, true love has become difficult. Even if one manages to find true love, they don’t know how to embrace it.

The path of love does not remain paved forever; you must expect bumps after a few turns. Some couples manage to pass through the obstacles; on the other hand, others tend to choose different paths because of the fear of falling back. While there are various reasons why things don’t work out for two people in a relationship like trust issues, divergence in career trajectories, timing, and so on, the root cause for the breakup lies deeper than these issues. There is deeper psychology that resides in today’s generation that is failing the relationships.

Do you think your relationship is on the verge of failing? Then it’s high time for you to self-analyze. Below are some common reasons why your relationship might be failing you.

  • You Chase Perfection

In today’s time, people chase perfection. They have this notion of an ‘ideal relationship’ formed inside their minds – like they must have a fairytale relationship where nothing would ever go wrong or otherwise, they must call it off!

Every person is different and so are their thought processes. Your partner might not be as romantic as you are. They might not be a party animal as you are; they might not be as expressive as you are. Many people bother about the differences and try to change their partners instead of accepting them as they are. The non-acceptance can instill a feeling of discomfort whenever they are around their partners, which is not a sign of a healthy relationship.

Solution: Nobody in this world is perfect. So how do you expect your partner to be perfect? Stop chasing perfection. If you love them, you must be more acceptable towards the differences between you and them. Do not force them to be as romantic as you are – observe them and enjoy their way of expressing love. Don’t force them to be a party animal; ask yourself – where are they most embraced - in the party or your life? Learn to accept your partner the way they are. It will not only help you to better your equations with each other, but also give you more reasons to love them.

  • You Don’t Communicate Your Feelings with Your Partner.

In a relationship, communication is crucial. Communication is not just about the day-to-day conversation, but more about expressing your inner feelings and thoughts with your partner. You might be making assumptions about your partner without communicating with them, which could persuade you to make wrong judgments about your partner, and hence, deteriorating your relationship. For example, if your partner is preoccupied with office work and is not able to see you often, you might assume that they don’t care enough to be with you that might lead you to relationship-ending arguments.

Solution: The key to a healthy relationship is healthy communication. Communication is not only about exchanging words with each other daily, but it is more about expressing your feelings and emotions in front of your loved ones. It is okay to be frustrated about not being around your partner, but instead of making assumptions, you must convey your feelings to them. Tell them you feel frustrated about this distance, let them know you miss them and you wish to see them more often. Communication has a lot more to do with listening also. Listen to your partner when they tell you why they are unable to see you. Don’t form any judgment about them. Discuss with each other and find out solutions rather than cutting them off from your life.

  • You are Not Grateful Enough for Having Your Partner in Your Life

It is a human tendency to remember the negative things more than the positive ones. Therefore, you might find yourself criticizing the wrongdoings of your partner more than remembering the good things they’d done for you. For instance, you might be so frustrated about their tendency to always show up late for a romantic date that now you end up fighting on it every time. It is okay to have such small issues but be careful it doesn’t escalate into a big one.

Solution: In a relationship, it is okay if some things go wrong, but acknowledging the right things can make it easier to hold on. Sometimes you get so carried away with all the negatives that you forget about all the positive things that your partner has. They might frustrate you with their habit of showing up late even so there are so many other ways in which they have changed your life for good. Be thankful to god for their good things, their precious existence in your life, and how they have added more value to your life. When you are grateful enough for having a partner like them in your life, little differences seem like nothing.

The key to a beautiful relationship lies in the acceptance, effective communication, and gratitude towards your partner. Cherish these gems and your relationship will never fail you.

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