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The Fable of an Agile, Carefree Heart

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The heart likes to wander. At one moment, you are enjoying your urban life, sitting on a couch, typing numerous letters and words yet your heart might be wandering in the beautiful, majestic mountains in the same moment. The heart is agile and wanderlust. We are born into this world with a mind as blank as a new slate. For a young heart, nothing is impossible. For it, the desire to dive into the trench of the deepest ocean is as simple as swinging arms in the air, and reaching the moon is just like sleeping in the mother’s lap.

In childhood, all our heart wants is to fly high, but where do we exactly land? The hue and cry of society suppress the soft voice of the heart. We don’t tend to listen to our hearts. We are given boundaries, direction, opinions, focus, reality, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and most of all, regrets. Regrets and ‘what ifs’. Our flight is interrupted by the societal notions and pressure, right from the beginning. That’s why the deepest desire of our hearts becomes a dream, which seems unachievable. A dream that seems hazy, just like the city located at the end of the skyline, the place where sun and earth meet, but is an illusion.

The heart is carefree. It knows no boundary. It follows no direction. It approves of no other opinion. It daydreams. It transcends you to the state of trance. It has its own rhythm, its own process. It gives you butterflies in the stomach. It gives you an adrenaline rush. It flies high. It knows what it wants and knows all the answers to its own questions. It pushes you to strive hard. It’s a crazy mess at times. It hurts you sometimes. It does a whole lot of things that seem impractical, irrational, and unapproved of society. But if one looks closely, it gives you the option of having zero regrets. No more ‘what-ifs’. Isn’t a life without any regrets a happier one?

The agility of the heart makes us who we are. It wants us to walk down the road less travelled. Even if the road to achieving the milestone has obstacles, but all the hardships feel worth it when you achieve them. The heart knows what it wants, so don’t let anybody fool it, not even yourself. Listen to your heart. It says a story. Your story.


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